By Kate Vandeloo Angel Mom for 1½ years

What advice do you have for someone that has just lost their child?
For those who have just lost their child I would tell them to take comfort in their friends and family who are surrounding them. Allow yourself to grieve and talk and lean on others. Unfortunately as time goes on, other people move on quicker than we do.

What if anything helped you through the grief journey?
Talking has been key in both my husband and I dealing with grief. That includes individual and group therapy, just daily talks with one another and others and speaking with other families who have lost their child from SMA. This last point was key for me in the beginning because it helped me forgive myself and stop regretting every decision I have made.

Any suggestions on how to get through the anniversary of the passing of your child or how to celebrate their birthdays even though they are not here?
Truly celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries. For us, planning something is helpful. We have planned fundraisers, family/friend parties and even kite flying at her grave. It is important for us to do something special on those day because it gives us an opportunity to talk about her and reminisce.

What is your Angel’s Name, how old where they when they passed, and how long have they been in heaven?
Ciara Rose passed away April 26, 2011. She was 10 months, 2 days old.


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