By Jenny Gray Angel Mom for 14 years

What advice do you have for someone that has just lost their child?
We all can at any time have a major curve ball hit our households. Having a solid foundation in Jesus Christ and Believing He is Good no matter what was very pivotal to enduring a brain tumor out of left field ( to us) hit our 9 year old son. I never walked this road before, and did not know what to do. I had to put my total Trust and Reliance on God. He is and was then my Great strength.*

What if anything helped you through the grief journey?
The Word of God. Bible. helped me through. I believed in Gods Promises over anything. God’s Grace alone got me through this test of All tests.(my Faith life was forced in the open for sure. Amazing I had what I needed through God). It was a daily walk..

Any suggestions on how to get through the anniversary of the passing of your child or how to celebrate their birthdays even though they are not here?
Anniversary and birthdays are difficult especially in the first 5 years from the departure. There’s such a hole. The Grieving is so important. It comes in waves. It’s good to mourn it out. There is a healing process. The process takes time and nobody knows the pain except for those that have experienced it. I have 2 other children. We celebrate birthdays here, I make a cake. To know Reuben is in Heaven is the Greatest comfort. Free of pain, and truly with God in Heaven.

Is there a song, book or poem that spoke to you after their passing? If so, can you share it with us?
Before Reuben lost the use of his hands from the effects of the Brain Tumor on his brain stem, he sat up to the kitchen table and wrote; Rest is the Lord Mum and Dad, because ALL(and he circled All) is well with a smiley face. Right after he did that he called for me and said Mum I cannot feel my right arm. At that moment he lost use of his arm. (WOW!) What a message. It is framed on a popular wall in our Home. It says it All.

What is your Angel’s Name, how old where they when they passed, and how long have they been in heaven?
Reuben Gray. He was 9 and a half when he went home to be with The Lord. He is now 23(!!) in Heaven. Cannot believe it has been 14 years, so surreal.


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