Angel Mom Network is a special place where mothers who have lost children to SMA can connect, share and encourage each other. Only the brave-hearts that have loved, cared for and lost a child to SMA understand the depth of pain and anguish that another mother feels upon separation from her child.

Angel Mom Network was founded because there is little support for families that have lost their child to SMA and it is our HOPE that this specialized forum will aid in the healing process and provide a place where you can turn for comfort.

About Angel Mom Network

Professional counsel and advise tabs – offer specialized information on the grief journey by professional PH.D’s and insight from other Angel Moms who have shared their hearts to help those that may be on the grief journey now.

The Dedication Page is a place to post thoughts, pictures and dedications to your angel.

Check out the Resource Section of Angel Mom Network for some great reading recommendations.

Angel Mom Network Sponsor

Angel Mom Network is sponsored by HOPE for SMA donor dollars and was created out of the pain and suffering that the Prendiz Family endured when their precious Hannah-Rose lost her battle with SMA at 11 months of age.

Click here for more information on Hannah’s story:


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